Reasons to Travel With Us

Why choose us/ Travel Time?

Choosing your travel operator company is the most important decission that you will make when you planning your long or short adventure.  There aren’t many travel Agencies that offers as much as we do and enjoys the process of becoming your new travel family more. We’re people at the end of it all and we love what we do. Plus, we use words like ‘consortium’ and that definitely counts for something.

Unlike other companies, joining us as an independent agent means unrivaled earning potential, support, training, knowledge and experience. If you want a Tour or nature adventure circuit that will offer you private wildlife reserves, remote corners of national parks, distinctive amazon lodges, sights cities with an unequaled network of nature camps, hotels, vehicles, railways, highlands and volcanos adventure experience with professional bilingues guides, then Travel Time is just what you’re looking for.

Two e-tickets and an airplane, symbolizing air travel
Two e-tickets and an airplane, symbolizing air travel

Travel Time History

Having more than 10 years of  personal experience of our team in diferente areas and pioneering new routes and adventures has led us to learn more about our guest’s expectations and travel interests. We know that not every person in a travel group enjoys doing the same activities planned out for everyone. That’s why every guest of our program travels in individualized itineraries. Even if you’re traveling in a multi-aged group, you can end up doing what you want, without holding anyone back while having the vacation of a lifetime! With South Expeditions/ Travel Time, every mile becomes a lifetime memory.

Our Reputation

All our trips are centerer around nature and wildlife, with happy customers stories and the lofty expectations we set in our promotional materials in the overseas travel market. Our own Ecuador based operation that includes permanent specialised divisions that we  offer you a nature habitat tours and expeditions. we have a full-service air travel department available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for consultations and bookings.  Not only we have so much confidence and pride of our reputation and trips, it means that we never allow allow our guests return home disappointed in our services.

We’re the Best Choice for Travel.

We’re truly the best choice to deliver on your entire travel expectations in your effort to visit Ecuador, Latin America, USA and Europe. We think creatively and non-traditionally about your options. We connect you with locals who know your destination better than any outsider ever could.

Our commitment to enviroenmentally friendly travel  as well as we educate you about the history and culture of the places you’ll be visiting. Your tourism and visit the Ecuador becomes a powerful initiative creating jobs, and improving the livehooods of the local communities to protect their natural resources.

Discovering Ecuador Together.

Passion : Innovation has seen us remain at the forefront of developments in tourism in Ecuador and South America.

Quality, Service Excellence & Value For Money

Our objective of doing Ecuador better and for less applies even more strongly today. No one invests more into their guides, enviroenmet, equipment or infrastructure. Being a large operator means we reap cost saving benefits that enable us to offer services at a price that few can match.

Innovation: This ensures that our tours remain fun and exciting. 

Experience:  our experience is unrivalled. In this travel and turism industry that’s critical.

Expertise: Our Travel Specialists possess the most extensive first-hand regional knowledge.

History: We’re delighted to be celebrating 10 years as Ecuador, Sudamerica, Asia/Europe travel specialists.

Reputation: Over 75% of our business is repeat or referral, a testament to our substance.

Credibility: We design journeys for discerning individuals, but also for such reputable institutions.

Support: Enjoy toll-free phone and email access to an expert Travel Specialist, and reading, medical, cultural, packing and insurance information.

Security: We’re in constant contact with our in-country partners while you’re traveling. If something should go wrong with your health, wellbeing or arrangements, we’re on it.

No Regrets: You might only visit a destination once in your life—make sure you do it right.