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Exploring the 4 Destinations and Regions of Ecuador here..

“Ecuador is a unique destination that offers visitors an experience unlike any other. Through the ‘All You Need Is Ecuador’ road show we are confident we will be able to showcase the beauty, diversity, and vast culture that our country has to offer to key stakeholders,”

Ecuador is a hidden treasure which invites you to discover little by little its wonderful and unique attractions, typical food, traditions and more.

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coast of pacific. salinas. ecuador. south america
Coast of Pacific. Salinas-Ecuador, South America


Indigenous Markets:

Ecuadorian women in Saquisili in Avenue of the Volcanos in Ecuad
Ecuadorian women in Saquisili in Avenue of the Volcanos in Ecuador


Amazon Adventure Tours:

Squirrel Monkey in amazon rainforest
Squirrel Monkey in amazon rainforest


Enchanted Islands:

“Enjoy a natural treasure, surrounded by unique species such as turtles and giant cactus, blue-footed boobies, sea lions and more while you leave your mark on the Galapagos Islands”

Imagine yourself on a narrow strip of soft, white sand, while the sun sparkles on clear, turquoise waters lapping gently at the beach and flocks of enormous sea birds wheel and swoop overhead. Sea lions honk and play on the beach, while a rare lava gull hops among the surrounding black lava rocks and a yellow-crowned night heron wades in the shallows. If you decide to don your snorkelling gear and take a paddle, you are dazzled by colourful schools of king angel fish, blue-chin parrot fish, and razor surgeon fish silently nibbling at the underwater rock surfaces that plummet to an ocean floor studded with sea stars so numerous they seem to reflect the stars in the sky. If you’re lucky, a playful sea lion or diminutive penguin might swim by, or you might even catch a glimpse of a prowling white-tipped reef shark gliding beneath you.

Female tourist lays on beach with sea lions and seals in Galapagos Island in Ecuador